The peak of Haldde

The peak of Haldde


The ascent starts at a small parking place near the fjord. As you can see it’s not a straight line due to the steep mountain.


The profile of the route shows the effort you have to put in to get there. It's not that hard, but it requires normal health to be able to make it.

5 km from the parking5 km from the parking

The first climb lasts for about 5 km at approx 10% all the way.

A stunning view over the valleyA stunning view over the valley

On the way up to the peak you have to stop, turn around and look at the spectacular view.

Snow in mid summerSnow in mid summer

We even found snow in the hills facing away from the sun. It's kind of cool to make snowballs in the middle of the summer.

Almost at the topAlmost at the top

When you turn around the last corner you can see the old main house and the northern lights observatory in the background. The observatory was in use from 1899 to 1926. At the most three families lived in the main house and worked at the observatory. Their work was to observer the wheater and nothern lights.

Can you imagine the life at this peak? Whenever they needed something from the community they had to walk down and carry it back up. Then it's worth mentioning; they had a regular size piano at the house...

Proud moment

Proud moment

Finally at the peak you're at 904 above sea level. The view is spectacular in all directions. No camera can make this right. You have to be here to see it unframed and in real life.

Proud momentProud moment

And yes, it's allowed to be proud.

Look around for your self: